Hello World, I'm Kushaal

I'm a software engineer based in Redwood City.

I have a background in mathematics and JavaScript ecosystems. I'm comfortable building solutions with AWS, React, Go and WebRTC.

I recently built Otter, an open-source serverless framework that enables peer-to-peer video calling functionality within web applications.

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Otter is a drop-in solution that facilitates peer-to-peer video communication within web applications.

For an application developer, Otter abstracts away the complexity of establishing a resilient, scalable infrastructure, and provides a simple way to integrate peer-to-peer WebRTC video calling into an application where privacy is of the utmost importance. Built with TypeScript, React and AWS.

ReAck is an application for collecting and inspecting HTTP webhook requests. Built with: React, Tailwind, Node.js + Express, WebSockets, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. Deployed on Digital Ocean droplet.